About The Art - Ryan Taylor

Artist Statement

The intentions of my work are to make people feel more connected with the natural world, and for them to see that it is an important part of our world we must appreciate everyday and not take for granted. As seasons change and species grow or disappear, I hope to bring awareness to conserve these bygones of a forgotten era. Acknowledging the past, recording the present, and preserving the future. To sit in quiet contemplation of a grand vista or landscape or silent observance among wildlife is unlike any other living experience. I approach phototaking as fine art and photojournalism in the sense that it is art that can be appreciated being framed and hung from a wall, but also as to document the ever-evolving nature around us. I only edit my photos as a means to preserve the real look of what I saw and what I want to share. If my images make viewers want to learn more and "get out there," then I've done my job.

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