A New Year, A New Start (2018 Goals) - Ryan Taylor

A New Year, A New Start (Goals For 2018)

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first entry in my blog. Today I am gonna give you several tips and goals to have for photography.

Devote more time to photography.     

Working a full-time job or going to school? It can be difficult to find the time (and motivation) to get outside with the camera.

Set aside one day a week, depending on your schedule, to make a trip to a local nature reserve.

Stuck in a rut? Find the reasons why you started in the first place.

Devote more time to studying your subjects.

Nature photography rewards the ones who are patient, which means you will need to spend more time out in the field.

I recommend using various field guides to study more about the flora and fauna you wanna capture.

This will allow you to understand more of what you am photographing, thus saving you time by knowing where to be at the right spot.

Investing in new gear.

Start budgeting, set aside a small amount of money from your day job or weekly income to put towards purchasing new equipment.

Maybe that new lens you've been drooling over.

Or side accessories like filters, a pair of binoculars, etc.

Learn something new.

Take up some photography classes, whether your high school offers them, your college, or online through paid and free tutorials and seminars.

There is a wealth of resources out there.

Participate in a local art fair.

Register a booth and sell prints and generate word-of-mouth.

It is a tried-and-true form of marketing and advertising. And it is still more relevant than ever in our social media-addled world.

Plus by meeting new prospective buyers. you are practicing your message and elevator pitch.

Create and publish coffee table photo books or ebooks.

The art of physical or digital books have many uses, whether to appreciate on a book shelf, or as a tool to help teach others.

Keepsakes will last a lifetime as well.

Submit a story to a local newspaper or publication.

This would be a big deal to land a column in your local news or other publications.

And to work with a press agent would be a worthwhile experience.

However, one thing will stay the same.   

Promise to deliver high quality fine art and images of the natural world that deserve a space on your wall or office.

What are your goals for 2018?

Now that 2017 is behind us, what plans for photograph do you wanna reach? Have a comment or question? Leave it right down below.

Coming up next week...I will discuss my first real foray into photography when I was gifted my DSLR camera. Stay tuned.

About Ryan Taylor

He is a wildlife, nature, and landscape photographer from Beavercreek Ohio. With a lifelong passion for nature, he loves to get moving around the outdoors. In his spare time he is into birdwatching, hiking, and camping. You can follow his blog here with a new post once a week.

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