Last Minute Sunset - Ryan Taylor

Last Minute Sunset

Beavercreek, Ohio - June 2017

Normally a landscape photographer is prepared long ahead of a sunrise or sunset. I was perhaps a novice at this time. However, when a wicked storm is rushing through and you are stuck at home. You make do with what you can, such as the view from the bedroom window.

This sunset was quite bright compared to the rest of the dreary, wet day. Handholding at 1/250 a second, I need ample light so used ISO 1600 and f/6.3.

I remember showing this shot to my instructor at NYIP after it was taken. I submitted it for a photo project and she was enamored by the colors.

Fleeting moments like this are what keep me going. When they come around, it is my goal to capture them. This is why I wake up early, stay out late, and miss meals (sometimes.)

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