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My First DSLR

In last week's entry, I shared some ideas about setting goals for a new year's worth of photography. In this post I will be telling one of several stories that got me into photography.

From humble beginnings...

My first (and current) DSLR camera is the Canon Rebel T3. With a whopping 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, this is where I got my start with photography.

It was one of the only Christmas gifts I got in 2012, rightfully so, as the bundle it was in costed $500 dollars.

By the time I got my hands on this piece of tech, there were already new editions in the Rebel EOS line that surpassed this one in performance.

None of that mattered to me anyways, I was glad to have a real camera. It came along with a standard 18-55mm kit lens, a pretty common beginners' lens, which I sold over a year ago. While this wasn't my first encounter with photography itself, this sealed the deal for me.

The Adventure       

 It was about this time after New Years and 2013 came into full swing that I was itching to get out of the house into the freezing cold to take pictures.

My first venue of choice was Rotary Park, a fairly large and popular spot a few minutes away from my house. I bundled up in layers of clothes and biked down there on an overcast and chilly day.

Shooting the whole day in full automatic mode, I walked around the various trails in awe, pointing the camera at anything that caught my eye (no wildlife if I remember, this was before I had patience.)

A Lesson Learned

Due to a memory card failure over a year ago that was totally my fault (back up all of your data!!) I no longer have those first batch of photos.

I can assure you they were nothing to be proud of, if anything they show how far I've progressed in the past few years.

Everyone Started With Something

What was your first camera? Do you still own or use it? Remember the first picture you took with it? Share it down in the comments. Thank you.

Coming up next week. I will talk about my time with the New York Institute of Photography. Stay tuned.

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He is a wildlife, nature, and landscape photographer from Beavercreek Ohio. With a lifelong passion for nature, he loves to get moving around the outdoors. In his spare time he is into birdwatching, hiking, and camping. You can follow his blog here with a new post once a week.

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