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Reed Water Reflection I

Oakes Quarry, Fairborn, Ohio

"Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy." - Isaac Newton

Sometimes the simplest of subjects make for compelling images. In the case of these reed grasses growing above pond water. You'll find these grasses in just about any wetland environment as they tolerate high amounts of water. To make the photo, I used a Circular Polizaring Filter to accentuate the reflection and form. What would otherwise be a bland image becomes something more artful and fascinating. Converting to black and white can also show a whole other side to the subject that color may detract from. Both are plausible approaches. YOU are the creator, this is YOUR piece of work. That is why I love this so much. The feeling of empowerment helps break down creative walls we create for ourselves.

Since I come from an art background throughout K-12, I love to incorporate those ideals into my photography. Having viewers be challenged to see what I intended to portray beyond the lens is one of the goals. I love to get others to think more about art and things they may see in everyday life they would otherwise pass by. I aspire to the idea of making a photograph having mean something to another, whether it's a bird species they're fond of or a location they resonate with. The medium of photo taking has a way of instilling memories and emotions in others that we may overlook in today's image-laden society. Billions of photos are taken each day so my personal goal is to make something I'm satisfied with. Hopefully it is also something that is different enough to stand out from the crowd.

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