Abstracts - Ryan Taylor

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The Concept

Buck Creek State Park, Springfield, Ohio

“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” - Amit Ray

This is the work of having an idea envisaged and going after it. It takes a well developed eye to recognize patterns and reflections such as this one. Abstractions have diversified my portfolio to such a large extent. They feel unrestrained and creatively freeing. Almost in a lawlessness sense.."anything goes" in the artistic world. I probably would've walked past this subject a couple years ago, but now this is as interesting to me as any other grand landscape or otherwise.

One could make this image even more confusing and unrealistic by rotating to a vertical composition. Make this world your world! You are the master and all the tools are in your possession. Dare to be different. Flip that camera upside down and take a picture with the reflection on the upside. You may even try to photograph just the reflection only. The possibilities are simply endless and know no bounds. Driftwood in water is a prime example of taking the mundane and seeing it in a new way/light. Without the camera, I would simply be blind to it all.

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