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Broadleaf Cattails (Typha latifolia)

Oakes Quarry, Fairborn, Ohio

For this picture of broadleaf cattails, I dialed back the shutter speed quite a bit to 1/6 a second. My plan was to slow the shutter enough to introduce the artistic blur while keeping it obvious what the subject actually was. This was a breezy day and this patch of cattails resided by a pond out in the open. The afternoon light helped cast a warm glow for the image. Opting to put the entire frame well in focus, I used a very shallow depth of field with f/32. ISO was kept to a minimal at 100 due to the longer exposure time. I used my 75-300mm zoom at 150mm mounted on a tripod with cable release.

I personally feel like if I can get someone to say "this looks like a painting" then I am flattered. In a strange way, making a long exposure image look so far removed from being a "regular" image is my goal. I want it to look like a painting, as then it becomes more artistic and abstract. The impressionistic feel of this image is what I was aiming for: an "altered reality" look and I achieved it.

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