Abstracts - Ryan Taylor

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The Warmth

Indian Riffle Park, Kettering, Ohio

"Truth is rarely writ in ink. It lives in nature.” - Martin H. Fischer

The attention-grabbing colors of Autumn become a photographic bonanza. Having the privilege to witness nature through the four seasons can really train your eye to see the same subjects more than once and in more ways than one. These same trees would be a rather dull green throughout the canopy if I took this same shot a few months earlier. In winter the "cooler" colors and bare branches would prevail. However, the colors come to life during Autumn. Offering a vibrant warmth that cannot be matched anytime else during the year.

It's hard to pinpoint what makes creative blues so interesting to the eye. Is it the swirls of color that string out like hair? Is it the seemingly never ending textures as they fill up the frame? Maybe the art lover in me has a desire to photograph the art of nature rather than the reality of nature sometimes. Also notice the dark blue patches at the top right are sky, yet the rest is all tree leaves. To top it all off, printing these images on textured fine art paper creates a more canvas, painterly aesthetic that I enjoy very much.

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