Raptors - Ryan Taylor

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Red Shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

Fairborn Marsh, Fairborn, Ohio

This was my first ever encounter with a hawk of any type! These have been referred to as "Marsh Hawks" due to their tendency to reside near wetter habitats. A little fun fact is their memorable call can be heard mimicked by Blue Jays. Pitch perfect.

In this case it cearly heard and/or saw me before I could see/hear it. Like a game of cat and mouse, I followed it from a patch of woodlands near a marsh wetland towards a fairly busy road near the location and around to a prairie where it stood high and mighty as seen here.
This lasted for a few minutes giving me enough time to fire off a round of photos, this particular being my favorite. By the time it took off again my heart was racing. The first time encountering a new bird species is always exciting to me. Although I stress that one should never put the welfare of the animal in danger, so chasing it like I did is not always the best: learn when to back down.

As you can tell, the day was very cloudy and bland so the background gives the image a high key approach. Overall I am pleased with the outcome and perhaps more important the experience.

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