Raptors - Ryan Taylor

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Red Shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

Fairborn Marsh, Fairborn, Ohio

"Don't pack up your camera until you've left the location." - Joe McNally

My first encounter with this species and my second raptor sighting (of a species other than Turkey Vultures at the time. I spent some time at the local marsh photographing this hawk after he/she made itself known. Commonly known as "marsh hawks" due to their preference for wetter habitats. This particular one was in a small patch of wet woods nearby. The almost 5 foot wingspan caught me off guard. In an attempt to observe it more closely, I carefully followed in the direction it left to. Fortunately it managed to perched on the top of a tree outside the woods as seen here. Out in the open, I carefully stood still and took my shots as it surveyed the scene before leaving minutes later.

As you can see, the day was very cloudy. Not even cloudy but one of those "grey blob" skies with no end to it. To some extent I preferred this over a bright sunny day. The sun in theory would've caused lens flare and unattractive shadows on the hawk subject. The right leaning "heaviness" of the frame is applicable to the rule of the thirds. This composition also works if the image was used with a magazine publication cover (albeit flipped horizontally). Just ideas to keep in mind when shooting out in the field.

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