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Ring-Billed Gull (Larus delawarensis)

Carriage Hill Metropark, Dayton, Ohio

“Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first.” - Antoni Gaudí

If you've ever been to a large lake, beach or parking lot. You have more than likely seen this gull. They often congregate in large numbers and will circle around foraging for food. These gulls are omnivores and have been known to steal other birds' food when opportunities arise. Their name is derived from the black band around their beak. I find them quite easy to spot due to their crow-size and fairly slow moving flight patterns.

Gulls are very fascinating to observe as I have seen flocks of hundreds resting near beaches. While they are of least concern population-wise, during the 19th century it was common to hunt them for their plumage. Fortunately plumage hunting has essentially become illegal since then.

Carriage Hill has a nicely sized pond/lake where I found a single gull present among Canada Geese and many Mallards. I had this one in flight as it sweeped from right to left. Birds in flight pose a different type of camera settings generally from other photos. Things like Al Servo focus tracking, continuous mode shutter mode, and higher shutter speed in general come into play. Kind of like throwing a frisbee, you want to follow through. What I mean is to follow the bird with your lens as they move around. This isn't the time for blind pot shots.

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