Songbirds - Ryan Taylor

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Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)

Fairborn Marsh, Fairborn, Ohio

“Nature has a way of evening the odds.” - Anthony T. Hincks

You've probably heard it at least once, to me a Chickadee's birdsong sounds like laughter. You will probably hear this song all across deciduous and mixed woods and backyard habitats in Ohio. Watch for their interesting behavior at bird feeders. They will fly and perch on the feeder, grab a seed hull, then without hesitation fly to a nearby tree or other perch. Then you may observe them dropping the seed hull between their legs and cracking it open with their beak. There is a lot of force in that little bird's beak!

Out near the marsh, I was looking out at the various birds around the area. I had previously got some shots of Red Winged Blackbirds until this Carolina Chickadee flew up real close to my lens. Like most encounters, this was a brief few seconds to react with a shutter press. The highkey background lighting is a nice touch to separate the black crown of the little songbird. Overall a decent bird portrait.

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