Flowers - Ryan Taylor

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Woodland Sunflower (Helianthus strumosus)

Koogler Wetland Prairie Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

"Peeling flower petals - like removing the veil."

I had an afternoon to myself at Koogler one day where I spent the majority of the time photographing with a flash. Many nature photographers will agree; natural lighting is the best option when available. Yet this day seemed darker and cloudier than usual, so I adapted the lighting (or I adapted myself?) to the situation.

A small late-Autumn perennial, a small patch of these yellow flowers are some of the last to bloom and stay around up until the dangers of frost came. I had been using my external flash to illuminate everything: subjects like the leaves, the abstractions in sawed tree stumps, and flowers such as this. This shot is one of many taken where each one had my varying the strength of the flash light and the direction it fired from. My initial goal was to black out the background completely and lessen any shadows that were cast on the flower.

To me, using a external flash is fun as an experimentation tool when creativity seems to be lacking without. Artificial lighting has its' place when a photo like this could not have happened otherwise.

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