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Smooth Oxeye (Heliopsis helianthoides)

Russ Nature Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

Also referred to as the Common Oxeye or the False Sunflower. These are one of the primary native wildflowers you will see in a healthy and thriving prairie.

This was a late summer afternoon when I embarked on a wetlands wildflower photo op close to home. Situated close to the boardwalk. These glistening Oxeye became a subject of interest.

Wildflower photography for me has always been a big facet of my portfolio. I get to learn more about horticulture and botany while capturing enlightening images of these plants. There is something special about adding the diversity and color to my art portfolio. One word of advice is to go to a local botanical garden in the spring or summer and spend the day there. James Ranch is a perfect example and is on the same road as Sibenthaler Fen. I say a botanical garden because all the plants are laid out in a small space and luckily most are labeled for you to identify with ease. Just be sure to choose a calm day, capturing these flowers amidst the wind is difficult!

While this was taken with a focal length of 50mm, a majority of my other wildflower photos are taken in a macro style. Macro is essentially a 1:1 magnification of the lens in order to get abnormally closer to subjects. Think of insects, flowers, and really tiny details that are now allowed to fill the frame. I look forward to using my expanded knowledge in the future to plan out more photoshoots with these beauties.

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