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Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)

Bill Yeck Park, Centerville, Ohio

These are a common sight among Ohio native wildflower prairies. There are also several perennial varieties of coneflower including pink and purple.

This was my first trip to Bill Yeck Park and honestly I was blown away with the amount of subjects and size of the area. I look forward to subsequent visits in the future. I've learned to never judge a location by the parking lot. I pulled in just before dawn to see only soccer fields. Personally developed "community parks" don't do much for me but once I found my way on the trail, I was lost (in the good way) for hours on end.

This image was taken with a wide angle at 24mm to give a "sense of place" among the surrounding foliage. Off to the right is some neighboring daisies. The weather was particularly cloudy which makes for nice diffused lighting. Contrary to popular belief. Bright midday sunlight is honestly pretty terrible to photograph in. Colors become more washed out, the highlights are blown out during exposure readings and harsh reflections are present on any shiny objects.

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