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Caesar Creek Lake Landscape

Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio

"A portrait photographer waits for the right expression: a landscape photographer waits for the right light." - Yuan Li

This is a lake landscape featuring the riprap of the water's edge and a windfallen tree. The driftwood in the foreground provides a solid focal point of interest. The nice and gentle curve in the tree trunk provides a nice visual angle compared to the very straight and rigid riprap that is aggressively at a tilt. I have noticed my lakeside landscape shots always seem to have me taking the image at an angle like this. I am still finding the answers to why that is so, then again, maybe this is my unique style? Or is it a nasty compositional habit? You decide.

One can predict the seasons quite easily! The background treeline is slowly transitioning to Autumnal colors, yet the soft colors are exactly jumping out to the viewer. In fact, the brighter exposed riprap and driftwood are the main hook. Using a wide angle lens with a polarizer filter was a no-brainer. Overall a very compelling capture to my first trip to Caesar Lake.

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