Landscapes - Ryan Taylor

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Caesar Creek Lake Landscape

Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio

"When life feels too big to handle, go outside. Everything looks smaller when you're standing under the sky.” - L.R. Knost

March 30th is National Take a Walk in the Park Day

Taking a walk in a park is powerful. Like self-therapy, I take temporary refuge from all stresses and welcome whatever may come. Ever since a child, something about this action has stuck with me.

This particular day had me hiking the entire campground backpacking trail. Any time a trail led to the lake's edge, I wanted to see the view. This specific spot had a dead and fallen tree trunk, large stone slabs such as this and calming waters sloshing back and forth. Some places are so calming I can't help but sit down and think out compositions carefully. A wide angle point of view was essential here to show the stone in the foreground. I would consider this to be a very minimalist image with not too many elements to view. The background colors in the treeline help add a touch of interest to the overall frame.

Nature helps me discover more about myself. As these landscapes grow and evolve, so do I

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