Leaves - Ryan Taylor

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Leaf in Decay

Creekside Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

"The question is not what you look at but what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

There are some moments where I'm hiking along the trail for miles, searching endlessly for something I never knew existed. This is a case study where I almost moved past it, but this leaf in particular felt different. If photographs are about telling a story, then I wanted to tell its story. Clearly it has been through quite a lot, chewed and munched on by caterpillars, swept up by the wind. Yet this leaf still held on. There is power in seeing a leaf like this. Don't give up when life pushes you around.

Taken in a macro style, I knelt eye-to-eye with this leaf to feel the world on its level. The early morning sunlight hit the center spot just right where it illuminates the holes and pores. A wide aperture helped distance it from the background, blurring all that is behind. That glowing portion felt so strange to see and capture on camera, yet I was drawn to showing the brighter parts of this leaf. No flash was used either, this was all done with some patience and timing using natural light. I enjoyed that spot of the leaf so much that I metered and focused all on that highlight area. Even on our worst days, remember that this leaf has had it worse.

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