Leaves - Ryan Taylor

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Fallen Autumn Leaves Abstraction

Russ Nature Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

"Everything in Nature called destruction must be creation - a change from beauty to beauty.” - John Muir

Do you ever have a shot that you've envisioned for a long time? You simply yearn for the day to find it? This is one example for me, and of course I took the idea and ran with it the chance I found it. Taken near the end of autumn, I walked up to the little pond situated by the parking lot to see it covered in the colorful leaves. The tall standing trees that surround the pond blew their leaves off as they fell one by one. My "vision" came to life and I was ready to capture it on camera.

Using a circular polarizer filter, I experimented with including reflections of the trees in various amounts. I have a handful of images with one showing no reflections at all: just simply a black abyss with which the leaves are floating on. This particular exposure is the one with the most reflections to create the story. That added detail for me implies that the leaves came from the trees seen in the reflections. That almost intimate connection dramatically improves the already abstract and pattern like image.

On all of my photo ops, I keep a pocket notepad with some basic doodles of shots I have previsualized. I'd highly recommend the same for other creatives. If you have an idea that you wanna "sit on" for a while, go for it. I know my brain is always bouncing around with them. You never know when you stumble across the pre-vision in real life.

© 2017 Ryan L. Taylor Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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