Leaves - Ryan Taylor

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Orange Deciduous Leaf Hanging By Web String

Creekside Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

Besides some minor post processing enhancements, this is what I truly saw.

Creekside Reserve is a personal favorite location of mine a stones throw away from my house. This is truly where my photography took root. I got up early enough to try out a sunrise shoot but didn't land a good enough composition in time. To switch gears I started using macro and small telephotos to find other subjects.

Taking a trek through the humid and dewy morning trails found me gawking at this small leaf. Dancing and spinning in the light peeking through the woods, I used a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement. Rendering it a static floating leaf, I used a shallow depth of field to blur the background and put all attention on the subject.

I knew the results then and there were unreal. The glow on the sunlight revealing the viens and structure of this small but intricate plant. The mustard colored bokeh background being a nice complimentary color to the orange leaf. The way the leaf is curled as if almost in a slow dance, weaving it the air. Suspended in free fall. Something about this image puts me at ease.

I took many images that day but this was perhaps the least expected. Naturally it was a moment in time that could never be replicated under these same conditions.

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