Leaves - Ryan Taylor

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Red Decaying Leaves Among Pond Backdrop

Carriage Hill Metropark, Dayton, Ohio

"Nature is an unlimited and unconditional source of inspiration...” - Petur Krustev

No desaturation or split color toning necessary! This evolving and decaying stem of leaves by the pond instantly caught my attention. From one leaf to the next, it was so strange to see this still surviving patch of leafy reds when the surrounding ones haven't fared so well. The image was taken on a moody and cloudy day as I dodged several small rain showers. I also had to use a fast shutter speed to combat the light breeze shifting this lone branch around. A medium sized pond as the background, the greys surrounding the red leaves make this an exercise in high contrast. The best part is that I didn't have to edit it to appear that way.

Some of my favorite moments in nature are the quiet, less celebrated ones such as this. Not only capturing a specific moment in time but also displaying something that looks unnatural. The process as leaves rot away only to fall off their stem, one by one.

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