Deer - Ryan Taylor

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White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

Sweet Arrow Reserve, Sugarcreek Township, Ohio

This was taken on a frosty and chilly October morning. I was not surprised to see deer left and right at time during the rutting season along the trails. After having just spent about an hour grabbing some successful captures of Eastern Bluebirds out in the prairie. I wandered off to another area downhill from the prairie. Off to the side this single deer was already staring me down. This is actually the first deer I've seen that had its antlers growing in. Shall we call it a young buck?

White Tailed Deer have superior hearing compared to humans. I have tried very hard to be still and gingerly walk and have still been spotted from over a hundred yards away! More often than not, they spot me before I see them.

I enjoy the sidelighting on the left, illuminating the side of the face and detailing just enough of the deer to reveal the subject. Even previewing the shot on my DSLR in the field made it clear that black and white was preferable over color. I held this worried mammals attention for about two long minutes before it loudly hissed and hurried off into the nearby woodland canopy.

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