Zoo - Ryan Taylor

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Zoo Monkeys

Columbus Zoo, Columbus, Ohio

"The mark of humanity is how it treats the world and those who share it with us...” - Aliya Whiteley

March 8th is National Zoo Lovers Day.

An image based on pure luck and timing. These monkeys were hopping around back and forth in this outside cage enclosure. Suddenly, as if the stars aligned, they lined up as seen here just before looking the same way to the right. I am under the assumption that they heard a noise but regardless I love the moment captured here.

When I was enrolled at NYIP, this image was used in a couple photo assignments. My instructor gave a positive review of the photo. Although looking at it now, I notice how the focus seems a little too soft. Also a bigger compositional error is the arm that is cut off the left side. Despite all of that, it's better to capture the imperfect moment rather than get no image at all.

Personally I am not too interested in photographing zoo animals. The thrill of the hunt for a wild animal is taken away and reduced to a gallery with no real challenge. Plus you have to deal with noisy crowds, reflective glass, and fences or wire blocking your view. Zoos and aquariums to me are like practice for "the real thing." I still enjoy learning something new while I am there.

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