Nature - Ryan Taylor

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Cliff Rock Formations

Taylorsville Metropark, Vandalia, Ohio

"Cold and magnified industrialism, mass rampant consumerism, none of this ever compares to a natural state."

Taylorsville Metropark features some interesting rock formations. While a good majority of the trails are densely wooded, there are hills that take you up and around some old structures such as this. Using a wide angle lens, this specific portion of the formation caught my eye. Speaking of eyes, I see the two holes in the rock as a set of eyes.

You may not understand why are giant heap of rock is so fascinating, but these have clearly been around for a long time. The finer details show colors just on the surface you would miss at first glance. I bracketed the exposure several times to ensure the shadow areas in the two holes could still be seen fairly well. Next time you're out and about, look for the abstract in the world.

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