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Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)

Beavercreek, Ohio

These lovely little mammals fill the backyards of many Ohio neighborhoods. They are a sure sign Spring is on the way. Look for them to commonly forage and feed early morning and just before dark where temperatures tend to be cooler compared to midday.

This capture was made just after sunrise in my backyard. I was testing out my recently purchased ghillie suit by laying flat on the ground with my 150-600mm telephoto. An external flash mounted on a flash bracket was also used as fill light. As absurd as this may sound to some, ghillie suits are commonly used among wildlife photographers. Although I personally wouldn't feel comfortable taking it outside my backyard.

One tip I have learned in order to get the best shot is to get down on the ground. Lay down flat and stabilize your camera/lens with a rock or similar object. No matter if it is muddy or gross, this is the best way to get impressive animal portraits. From a technical standpoint the background becomes more removed from focus, creating a cleaner appearance. Just as an example, imagine the same image here but if I were standing up...there would be no connection at all with the subject. Getting down low allows you to appreciate wildlife as equals, and that is all that we are.

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