Night - Ryan Taylor

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Full Moon Leaves/Branches Abstraction

Beavercreek, Ohio

"I personally don't mind taking hundreds or thousands of terrible photos because it is all worth it when you see one truly worth sharing. That is what I'm after."

Full Moon nights always present some venerating displays of astro photography. Using my farthest reaching zoom lens out in my backyard. It was still early in the night and the moon's position relative to me was obscured by some needle pinecone trees. Deciding to work with what I was given, I couldn't help but use this distraction to make something different from "just another moon picture." Opting to try something different, I toyed around with the manual focus when trying to get this abstract of the branches in front of my view. At first, this is a bit of a confusing image to look at, but I find it to be more satisfying. Certainly working with variables that you would consider unfavorable otherwise can make for something unexpected.

Astro and nighttime photography certainly has its place in a nature portfolio. The results I have gotten this far are living proof! The endless subjects and possibilities never have me bored.

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