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Plaintain Lily (Fortunei Albomarginata)

James Ranch Garden, Xenia, Ohio

"It's very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature." - Albert Hofmann

Lilies, also known as Hosta, are a herbaceous perennial that are very tolerate of heavy shade. I took this image on a on-off rainy day at James Ranch Gardens. To make use of the shade, this specific bloom was located under the roofed arch entrance to the garden. Preferring very moist soil, hosta are often considered ornamental for their large and low-lying dense sprouts. For anyone interested in horticulture, I'd recommend you seek out plantain lilies, their very showy size is something to see in person!

I very much enjoy creating endless patterns and textural shots like this. Flowers are liberating creatively-speaking as there is a myriad of methods to document and craft images out of them. In this image, repetition works in my favor as it implies the leaves go on and on. The white trim on the leaves helps add some interest and texture to the entire frame. I prefer photographing botanical gardens on partly cloudy days to reduce harsh highlights and deep shadows. This is all personal preference. By extension some flowers are under the best light during midday summer sun. Regardless, get out there to view and enjoy whenever possible.

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