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Prairie Sagewort (Artemisia frigida)

Buck Creek State Park, Springfield, Ohio

“Peaceful feelings happen when we are close to nature and our natural state!” - Avijeet Das

April 3rd is National Walking Day.

Lately I've been mulling over the idea that the hike/journey is just as important as the photo/end. Every step taken is another towards the goals I have set. Hiking from the edge of the earth and back again for a photo sounds silly, but there's an inept human desire for adventure and belonging. We all long for adventure, and this is one that I take. Not everyone goes at it the same way or for the same reasons. Yet we all see a hill and wonder what could be on the other side. Curiosity fuels my desire to explore and learn about what's out there.

This image was something of an afterthought as the day was approaching near dusk. I had been hiking countless miles around the woods and lake to only find myself in this meadow flatland. The backlighting really drew my interest to this sagewort.

There's nothing else I'd rather be doing. Laying around at home twiddling my thumbs or seeing heavenly light like this? I'd take the latter anyway of the year. So I suggest you go on a walk today, or any day for that matter. It's good for you.

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