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Purple Coneflower Leaf (Echinacea purpurea)

Beavercreek, Ohio

"Strip away your ego, there is simply no time for frivolous pursuits. Let the moment take you where it wants."

This is a leaf of a Purple Coneflower with two large water droplets on it in focus. I took this image just after sunrise when morning dew is still present. With an extension tube mounted on the lens and camera, I was allowed to bring the the tiny droplets into magnified detail.

This Coneflower plant was growing in a planter in my backyard. Sadly it did not fully bloom yet it grew out its stem several inches tall, producing multiple leaves off of it. What makes this image work for me is the not only the two droplets but how they are positioned parallel to eachother. This photo was purely accidental as I was checking up on my bird feeders and the attempted flowers such as this one. I rushed inside to get some gear to take the shot before the drops dried up from the summer sun.

Coneflowers are excellent for pollinating with monarch butterflies and other species. I'd highly recommend choosing native plant species in your backyard as invasive species can overgrow and harm the environment. Native wildlife benefit from the food sources that native flowers bring. This cycle works if we all do our part.

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