Trees - Ryan Taylor

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Autumn Transitioning Foliage

Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio

"A forest full of trees is as important and valuable as a mine full of gold.” - Paul Bamikole

I had been hiking all day out in the green and yellow deeps woods that wrap around Caesar Creek Lake. I previsualized an image similar to this as the leaves changed colors. At this time the woods were a grotesque mix of green in some patches while other spots are more yellow.

This is an abstract way of seeing the forest for the trees. My intentions were to portray the texture and form of the trees in a cropped in aspect. Using a small telephoto lens was essential for this image. If I used a wider angle for example, the shot would encompass too much space. The goal was to compress the distance between foreground and background, almost like it was "pulling you in."

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