Trees - Ryan Taylor

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Sugarcreek Woodland

Sugarcreek Metropark, Bellbrook, Ohio

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir

A solitary morning hitting the trails gave me a myriad of weather patterns. Periods of fairly heavy rain mixed with mud and other trail walkers and runners. Dodging the worst of it and braving the least, I made a variety of exposures during my time there. On the way back to the car from the loop trail, this unique "framing" of the two trees demanded my attention.

The two trees alone weren't enough, but the fact that the right one is moss-laden and the other devoid of it. Keeping these elements as the foreground subject while displaying the background as a woodland scene. One of the best ways to compose a photograph is to eliminate the unessential from the frame. Check your corners, check the inside, check everything! Identify the essential, and eliminate the rest. Clutter very rarely looks effective in an image, and less is always more.

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