Trees - Ryan Taylor

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Maidenhair Tree During Autumn

Russ Nature Reserve, Beavercreek, Ohio

"Travel, photography and wilderness are my addictions.... And I'm happy with that...” - Kedar Dhepe

A fairly early shot in my portfolio. The way I can tell is that most of them are taken during midday light. However, I love the ideas I was going for here. I saw this gorgeous sprawling tree that had its peak foliage and was significantly taller than me. To emphasize the color and size, I used a wide angle lens and simply looked up. The multitude of branches jutting out in all different directions helped break up the patterns of the yellow leaves.

At a thumbnail glance, I love the abstraction this image creates. The amazing fact about Autumn foliage is the timely manner in which it exists. A week or so after this photo was taken, I bet the tree only had half its leaves. The composition would simply be less powerful then. That's what photography means to me, capturing a moment in time that may never happen again, or if so, in a long time. Yet the beauty of nature is that it is all timeless.

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