Over the years, my work has slowly found a purpose that was not only to capture a special moment. The photos have redefined my goal as to now publish them in cohesive books and other publications. Each photo still or video clip is a small piece to a much larger puzzle of my journey and the way I share it. Without even realizing it, I was already previsualizing and creating many photo books with various nature themes, whereas now I am shooting almost exclusively to create content for these bodies of work. This isn't exactly about selling the photos themselves, but rather selling them as projects. My video work has taken on a role of not just filming whatever I may see, but also to document the natural features that Southwest Ohio has to offer.

This section of the website is where I detail several ongoing projects I have in the works. Project statements are included with each, expressing my thoughts on working for them, what my goals are/were, and more.

Just like with my photo portfolio, I look forward to expanding on these as the years go on. Thank you for viewing!

On Location

Project Statement: "A photographic exploration of Ohio." Simply put, I wanted to explore the natural locations in Ohio with a camera and lens. I envisioned an idea that as far as I know never had been fully done to this extent in my area of this planet. My ambitions were to document in video as many Southwest Ohio locations as I can possibly drive to. Each area got its' own unique video.

What if I truly got lost in nature? Hunkering down for countless hours (or usually an entire day) in order to immerse myself. No matter the time of year or season, I yearned to truly feel the size and scope of each location. Likewise, one intention I had was to film and edit these videos fast. The idea was to push these videos out on a consistent basis and so filming and editing several within a month. While I will plan out subject matter based on the habitat or season, I wanted to just "get out there." No excuses, if I took a trip I was gonna make a video. Mostly a gut feeling, once I feel as though I reached a certain level of material then the video is done. Finding subjects to photograph, if I looked at a subject for more than a few seconds, then it demanded the camera's attention. Whether I got amazing B-Roll or stunning images, the video had to be made. I liken this to a "ready or not" mindset. On average I visit 6 to 8 different location a month, producing that many videos as well in a fast span of time.

Each video ranges in subject matter and depth, but overall they are displayed in a "vlog" style format. Tutorials and other educational pieces are given about the locations, as well as philosophically-minded bits about photography and life. Rest assured there is something for everyone to learn or be entertained with.

Something I have already learned is just how difficult it is to be a one-man film crew. I have to carry extra cameras and tripods which can be cumbersome at times. Energy I could be using solely for photos now has to be allocated to the video and creating nice speaking bits, shooting compelling B-Roll, etc. I have to strike a delicate balance between all of this whereas before I had a single-minded pursuit. On the topic my speech skills and comfort talking in front of the camera has improved dramatically. Explaining and teaching topics and settings is not easy!

I simply never intended for this series to be an in-depth review of the location. But rather my purpose was to "capture the essence" of the natural setting I visited. No matter what season of the year, I wanted to explore scenic features and subjects unique to the natural space.

The end of the series concluded in 69 finished videos, spanning over 75 unique locations. A "Best Of" retrospective compilation, gag reel and mock interview were  made at the conclusion of the project.

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the 'On Location' videos.

The Beaver Creek Wetlands

Project Statement: This documentation book shares a photojournalistic view of all the Little Beaver Creek wetlands areas in Greene County as well as sharing the history and features. The end features a call-to-action detailing conservation concerns and what to do to preserve these areas. Facts of before-and-after human settlement will be displaced throughout the publication. This book will have activism and conservation at the forefront instead of art and photography. Photos will showcase features of each of the wetland locations, mixed in with detail shots of wildlife and flowers in between throughout the seasons.

Self-publishing through Blurb, I am aiming for a late 2021/early 2022 release.

Four Seasons Tree

This is a very low commitment idea I had to photograph a large dead tree a few minutes away from my house. The goal is to have one image from all four seasons during the 2019 seasons. The conclusion of the project will be four photos put together in a collage.





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