"At least ten thousand hours is required to become a master in your craft."

Ever wonder what the day in a life of a nature photographer is like? Not every second is dedicated to exploring the outdoors. On the contrary, countless hours are spent trying to make the best images possible in tangible print form. This to me is when the image truly comes to life.

People love to adorn their walls with photographs they will love to view on a daily basis. Generally they are seen as permanent fixtures, so once a framed work of art is up, it won't be coming down anytime soon. I understand this and can work with you in determining the best piece to match your intended area.

Here are some room demonstrations and inspirations for how my art may look in your living or office space. Interior design is critical to elevating a room's mood. Bring nature into your own environment!

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At this time you may order open edition prints in a variety of sizes and finishes. All orders on this site are processed through SmugMug and printed by the photo lab BayPhoto.

Being a purist at heart, most of my prints seen at art festivals and gallery exhibitions are carefully printed, matted and framed by me. I use a professional mat cutter for "cookie cutter style production." Hence, no middle man in order to save costs in the long term. Plus I get to improve my skillsets and qualifications at the same time.

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I produce these pigment-based Inkjet Prints on-demand at my home office/studio, no real inventory or bulk production is done. Pigment-based prints simply are comprised of colored dots that are laid onto the photographic print from an inkjet photo printer. This means each framed or loose print is personally handmade with attention.

I take much joy in working all factors of the production myself and love the process all the way from camera shutter to picture frame. There are so many creative choices present in the matting and framing just as there are in taking the actual image!

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